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Legendary surf spots within reach of Chemel Surf Camp

The sand bottom right points in Salina Cruz all work on south swells. Northwest swells or even south swells over 220 degrees won’t get in here.  The points all face east and southwest winds are offshore. Winds from the north or northeast create an unfavorable “devil wind” condition. 

The beach breaks in Salina Cruz are south facing so its waves are straight offshore on a north wind, but are onshore when the points are good. 

Similar to Hawaii, there is always somewhere to surf clean waves in Salina Cruz at any time of the day no matter what the wind is doing. 


The spots closer to Huatulco have more predictable diurnal wind conditions – glassy or offshore in the morning, and onshore afterwards with an occasional clean up near dark. 

The points will break on any tide but medium low to low is generally best. The ocean is normally extremely warm here, over 80 degrees, but it’s good to bring a vest or spring suit if your visit comes after a strong north event when upwelling can drop the ocean temps by 20 degrees. 

Bring hats and pack as much mineral based sunscreen as you can. It’s hot all day and the sun is merciless. 

Punta Conejo

Punta Conejo (Rabbit Point) is the most popular wave in the area. It’s an extremely long, forgiving and consistent sand bottom right point. It breaks like Malibu in California, but it’s much faster, hollower and more rippable. 

Conejo breaks on any south swell and is best on medium sized days. Surfers of all ages and ability levels can do some of the best surfing of their lives here. 

Southwest winds or glassy days are the best here, but Conejo is rideable on any wind except for a strong North. 

Conejo is accessed by 4×4 only.

Punta Chivo

Punta Chivo (Goat Point) is a sand bottom right point that’s similar to Conejo but is more of an advanced wave. Giant pinnacle rocks provide the backdrop and a famous section of the “Trilogy” film was shot here featuring Andy Irons, Joel Parkinson and Mick Fanning. 

Chivo is a little more fickle than Conejo and works best on similar conditions – medium to large south swells and southwest winds. 

Punta Escondida

Punta Escondida (Hidden Point) is the closest wave to Chemel’s Camp.  It’s accessed via a private, gated road. This is the go to wave when it’s big. Escondida offers some of longest, deepest, roundest tubes in the world. It’s a sight to behold when it’s on. Check out how good Tom Curren got it in “Free Scrubber” by himself during the Covid pandemic.

Escondida can handle any light wind, even a north, but often gets blown out early than other spots. Get out there in the dark. 

Punta Chipehua

Punta Chipehua, named after the small Zapotec village nearby, is also known as “Elvis” because it’s the king of the waves in the area. Like Escondida, Chipehua will hold any sized swell and is like a sand bottomed Mexican version of Jeffrey’s Bay when it’s on. Check out how good Mick Fanning, Dane Reynolds and Mason Ho have gotten it in some of their videos. 

Chipehua works on any medium to big swell and likes light southwest winds. 


Bamba is a jetty wave that’s good on small to medium swells. It’s got a hollow, tight take off zone and a fast, very rippable wall. The inside close out section is really good for airs and has been featured in a million surf edits over the years.  The afternoon light is stunning for photos and videos. 

The winds at Bamba are often lighter than the other waves in the area and southwest is best. 

Salina Cruz Beach Breaks

The port city of Salina Cruz sports a series of fast hollow waves that break extremely close to shore – similar to Hossegor, France. When everywhere else is blown to bits by strong north winds, this is the place to go. Note: these spots are much more dangerous than the points and should only be surfed by advanced to expert surfers only. 

Secret Spots and Other Waves

Chemel has access to the the many secret spots that lie on the two our road north to Huatulco. He can also access famed waves like Barra de la Cruz and Mojon in this region. 

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